Juomasäiliö 1.5 litraa

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Juomasäiliö 1.5 litraa, Reservoir 53oz

Our reservoir is completely re-designed for this year.  We gave customers the new features they asked for: it won’t leak, and it’s much easier to fill and clean.


  • The reservoir can removed and filled while leaving the hose threaded through the pack
  • Reservoir can be turned inside-out for easy cleaning
  • The opening automatically shuts off when the hose is removed
  • Smooth inside, for easier cleaning
  • Slightly smoother outside, to slip in and out of packs
  • BPA Free
  • Top closure is fold-over and slide-closed resulting in never leaking and opens fully for cleaning
  • Utilizes a Hypervalve Hose which incorporates an on/off bitevalve
  • Weight 119g
  • Volume 1.5L / 53oz


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